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Thorikos Ancient Theater

Thorikos (or Thoricus) theatre is the remains of a theatre dating from 525-480 BC. Next the ancient city of Thorikos, of which the ancient city's Acropolis and town centre are located on Velatouri hill, with the theatre sustaining its significant survival.

Thorikos was largely populated, with peculiarly shaped building structures, houses and metal smiths’ workspaces with a plethora of them dating back to the 7th-4th century B.C. A small temple, connected to the worship of Ygia, lies in the area as well.

Additionally there is a beautiful Doric Temple, supposed to be an ancient “Telestirion” the area where all the rituals to Demetra and Persephone were conducted.

Walter Miller, back in spring 1886, materialized the first excavation on site, aiming to unveil the Theatre.

In the latest years a team of archaeologists from most of the Belgian universities worked in Thorikos, (mostly around the acropolis, the necropolis, the theatre and the industrial area) in order to reconstruct the history of the ancient city and trading interest (mines), also to explore the techniques that were developed in such prime age, regarding metallurgy.


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