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National Forest

Established in the early 70’s, the National Forest of Sounio is literally an open air,mineralogical and archeological museum dominated and protected by common pine trees.  It settles from the southeastern part of Attica, in the Laureotiki area and pours an end into the sea, at Cape Sounio.

The National Forest (Greece’s smallest national park) was founded after consideration, of the ecological, historical, geological and paleontological importance of the area and became a strictly protected area (also protected by the Barcelona Convention).

This is the smallest of the Greece’s national parks. Its core area is only half that required for a national park but an exception was made because it's coastal, extraordinarily scenic, archaeologically unique and serving as an example of a Mediterranean landscape.

You can walk around the park (there is a 15km trail) starting at Agios Konstandinos Village (Kamariza) which is only 2km from the villas.


Among other things you will explore, are: 

“Chaos” chasm, a 120m of diameter gulch, probably a collapsed cave roof

The ancient theatre of Thorikos

Ancient mines and tunnels with minerals’ leftovers

The Mining workshop “Negris”  

Miners’ houses

Ore washing areas


Cape Sounio

Poseidon’s Temple

A night out

Ancient Theater

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