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Sounio, Lavrio, Attica

In a South country that the Sea is worshiped as a mother and as a mistress, it was only logical that a Temple should be dedicated to Poseidon, ruler of the Sea, friend and foe of every mariner.

Timeless, the temple had watched literally thousands of sunsets along with its visitors… whispering ancient stories and Lord Byron's versus.

Visitors of Lavrio are in for a time travel of more than 3.000 years Before Christ. This historic land carries within its boundaries, the very beginning of industrial mining with live evidence of its glory, the first theatre in Greece, Thorikos and the Temple of Demetra, goddess of Mother Earth.

It was the mineral wealth of Lavrio’s land, that allowed Athens to became the naval power of Greece and thrive during the Golden Age.   

Lavrio’s ability to fuse the ancient Greek realm with the contemporary Mediterranean hospitality is what makes it so fulfilling if experienced. One moment you are walking between mining areas in a national forest or an ancient theatre like a contemporary professor Jones and the other you are enjoying some grilled octopus accompanied with Ouzo, somewhere on the south coastline.

Strategically positioned at, just 25km from the airport, 50km from Athens and 5 min. drive from the Villas, Lavrio and its multi dimensional wealth, will grant the visitor many beautiful moments.

The area of Sounio along with the temple of Poseidon is a mystic doorway into mythical parables, ancient glory and natural beauty, all merged in a typical Mediterranean dramatic scenery.



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